Reuzel:小巧的 C++ 线程池库


Reuzel is a tiny C++ thread pool with these features:

  • C++11 syntax and POSIX Threads
  • Simple API
  • Starts all threads on creation of the thread pool
  • Stops and joins all threads on destroy

Build and example

The thread pool uses C++11 syntax and POSIX Threads so if you compile with g++ on Linux you have to use the flags '-lpthread', '-std=c++11' like this:

g++ -std=c++11 ThreadPool.cpp Thread.cpp example.cpp -lpthread -o example

Then run the executable like this:


if you want to run the test example:


Basic Usage

  1. Include the header file in your source file
  2. Create a thread pool, set max size of task queue, and create worker threads
  3. Add task to the pool


You are very welcome to contibute!