Vim rendered on a cube for no reason


Most people use vim in two stupid dimensions. But not me. I use it in three:

To run it, install Nim , and from this repo do:

nimble run vim3

Once you're ready to start using it as your main editor, do:

nimble install

As long as ~/.nimble/bin is on your PATH, you will now be able to open files like this:

vim3 path/to/myfile.txt

Q & A

How do i acquire your power?

It's not that hard

How do i stop the cube from spinning


I don't even have vim installed, how is this possible?

It's using paravim which has a real copy of vim built in

Which OS does it work on?

All of them pretty much

Why can't i run it on linux?

Could be you need opengl libraries, try sudo apt install xorg-dev libgl1-mesa-dev

You might also need to do sudo apt install libtinfo5

I use arch btw

Try this: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/