Is there an atomic program in Akka?

I need atomic broadcast and I want to use akka cluster.

I'm not sure is there atomic broadcast in akka, so I just want to ask, to be sure.

I know, there are such things like DistributedPubSubMediator.SendToAll aswell as Cluster Aware Routers . Does any support total order broadcast ?

By atomic (total order) broadcast I mean, actor A sends broadcast bA aswell as actor B sends broadcast bB (in parallel & from another node). Eventually, (every actor receives message bA before bB) or (every actor receives message bB before bA).

The only ordering guarantee offered by Akka is that messages sent from actor A to actor B will be received in order for that pair of actors. Messages from other actors to actor B could be received before, after or interleaved with the messages from A to B .

So no, Akka does not provide the ordering guarantee you're asking for.