Natural color palettes for UI design

How to use natural color combinations

What is the most beautiful thing we can ever see in our life? For me it is nature. Oceans, rivers, mountains, spring forests, grassy fields, flowers and animals. There are lots of wonderful landscapes on Earth, that are more shocking and awe-inspiring than everything that has ever been created by man. There are of course great and amazing places, art and design that also give great inspiration to people. But all the best artists throughout history have looked at nature for inspiration, and tried to find the best colors for their work of art, whether it be a painting, a sculpture, or even a piece of furniture.

I want to share with you my idea on how to use natural color combinations for UI design. You can take a look at the cover photo of this article. There are so many great colors together and it looks pleasing to the eye without being disharmonious. It is good to keep color schemes in mind when you design something, but it’s also very rewarding to experiment with new combinations. So many flowers, birds and animals have bright and beautiful colors that we could take as an inspiration to make our design more natural and inviting. For example we can evoke positive feelings, using two shades of red to remind people of an apple. The possibilities of using colors to make people feel different emotions are endless. Colors aren’t just numbers of Red, Green and Blue that we can just put in a computer and get results. In fact, it is really hard to just find the right colors using a color picker. Pictures of nature were always a great source of inspiration for my work and it helped me to learn a lot about how colors fit together. I think it would be easier for everybody to find great color combinations, if they just closed their color picker and opened photos of landscapes, plants, flowers and the sky.

Material Design Palette

I love material design principles. It was created by really talented people. It inspired me a lot in my work with its great templates and shapes. Material design palette looks good too, but sometimes it is hard to put these colors together. Not all of combinations of colors work well. For example it is really hard to use material pallet for cards, because all colors are bright.

When I work on android applications I follow principles and guidelines, but I also choose my own color palette to make applications unique. As you know I have my inspirations in nature. We can review the basic combinations of nature palette.

Basic colors