Distribution Release: SchilliX 0.8

Jörg Schilling has announced the release of 0.8, an OpenSolaris-based (text mode-only) live CD. What's new in the project's first release in nearly two years? " SchilliX is no longer based on Illumos as Illumos decided to go into a direction of a codebase that is mostly usable only for file servers and that is only supporting IPS packages. This is not compatible with pursuing Solaris ideas. As Illumos does not support SVr4 packages, we are forced to create a more generalized OpenSolaris source base continuation project. SchilliX is now based on a OpenSolaris continuation project (SchilliX-ON) which is free of company interests and which tries to continue with UNIX ideas. SchilliX-ON tries to be as POSIX and SVr5 compatible as possible. The SchilliX-ON base is available as compressed SVr4 packages that can be installed directly from the network using only 'pkgadd'.