Calendario - A small calendar library for creating flexible calendars


Calendario is a small library for creating flexible Calendars. It uses Luxon as it's Date wrapper, so by default Calendario supports internationalization through Intl api (supported by most mordern browsers), Time Zones with DST support, various Numbering Systems and more. Even though, Luxon supports multiple Calendar formatting, we decided to go against supporting any of that other than Gregorian . The reasoning behind it is CalendarioFX , a framework for generating calendars of various types of calendars ( details not ironed out yet ), but in the mean time enjoy building Calendarios


It was first released by Codrops on Nov 27, 2012, full article . During that time only, Fullcalendar was dominant ( still is ), but the simplicity of Calendario was very appealing. Therefore, I decided to ask the authors to transfer maintainer ownership to me . From v1 to v5 , I blindly added features breaking changes pretty randomly ( you can say I was a novice back then ), it was still a pretty fun time. Over time, it had gathered a small user base. Then with my growing adulthood, school and life, I slowly started abandoning it. Calendario as jQuery plugin has been dead for 4 years now.

Until this week, I decided to moredernize it with TypeScript , remove any sign of jQuery , turn it into a node/yarn library and not generate any HTML . Result, a even more highly fexible library that can do anything whatever the consumer developer wishes to and not what we would want them to. That's the beauty of it!

Getting Started

npm i calendariofx-calendario


yarn add calendariofx-calendario

Package is bundled in both CJS and ESM format, so you can do either

const calendario = require('calendariofx-calendario') // CJS

import calendario from 'calendariofx-calendario' // ESM

Documentaion / Test

The detailed documentations and tests are being written, but you can find auto generated docs here. After further testing, it would ready for a beta phase. Check out this example in svelte on how to build a beautiful calendar.