MLDataTable: The Panda For iOS Developers

MLDataTable: The Panda For iOS Developers

Leverage the powerful Create ML Data structure to ignite the data scientist in you

Nov 22 ·5min read

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Data processing, handling, cleaning, and shaping plays a crucial role in Machine Learning. Panda, a powerful python package is one of the most popular libraries used by data scientists to perform transformations on their datasets.

Despite having an easy syntax, Panda has a steep learning curve. More so, because there are plenty of functions available for a variety of use cases and it takes time to get a hang of it. Apple, through CreateML aims at bridging the gap between machine learning and application development to allow mobile developers to train and deploy models for on-device machine learning.

The introduction of Create ML, an easy to use interface to train different types of models by using pre-built templates and algorithms, has been a game-changer of sorts. And with the release of MLDataTable , Apple strives to make data processing easier for mobile developers, by providing a spreadsheet-like data structure with an easier learning curve in comparison to Pandas.

MLDataTable — Under The Hood

MLDataTable is a useful data structure for managing tabular data. It has most of the functionalities of the Panda library, thereby making it the Panda for iOS and macOS Developers.

Besides being useful for parsing JSON and CSV datasets, MLDataTable is used in the following Create ML model templates: