JQuery Regex - Get the number inside a chain

How do I get the number of items (option) in an HTML selection box in jQuery?

How can i get the number of items(option) in a HTML select box in jQuery ?You can use .length to see how many elements a selector matched, for example: var count = $("#selectID option").length;

How can I get the number of differences between the array tables of string chains without casting

I have two types of arrays with the same length: array1 of numbers: [2,1,2,3,1] array2 of strings: ["2","2","2","2","1"] I want to compare between them and get the number of differences without casting one

jQuery to get the value of the text box

I need to write some jQuery/javascript to do some validation before submitting a form, because I have to check per some very specific results. Per my tests I believe I am accessing the correct row of data as $(this) in my table with my validation tes

How do I get the number of files in a folder as a variable?

Using bash, how can one get the number of files in a folder, excluding directories from a shell script without the interpreter complaining? With the help of a friend, I've tried $files=$(find ../ -maxdepth 1 -type f | sort -n) $num=$("ls -l" | &

Javascript - Get the number of cases in the switch box

Is it possible to get the number of cases in a switch case statement in Javascript? So for something like this showError: function (status) { var message = ''; //If the error comes from the browser's routing sys (the event parameter is the failed rou

Get the number, which client has dialed from the standard keyboard

i try catch a call from standard dialpad using that code: <action android:name="android.intent.action.CALL" /> <data android:scheme="tel" /> <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" /> <ac

how to get the number in the second column and the second row or return a default value

im stuck with grep please tell me a regex solution to get the number in second column of second row what im trying to get the pid only for the listen port lsof -i:43458 |grep LISTEN AND GOT skype 2680 orangehrm 85u IPv4 17151 0t0 TCP *:43458 (LISTEN)

How to get the number of differences in a string comparison?

I know I can get whether 2 strings are equal in content, but I need to be able to get the number of characters that differ in the result of comparing 2 string values. For instance: "aaaBaaaCaaaDaaaEaaa" "aaaXaaaYaaaZaaaEaaa" so the asn

C ++ getting the number of data in a table?

This question already has an answer here: Find the count of elements in array in C++ 3 answers I have a simple array here: int someNumbers[10] = { 16, 2, 77, 40, 12071 }; How can I get the number of data inside the array? As the array was set to 10,

How do I get the number of columns and rows visible in my JList?

I have a JList that is inside of a JscrollPane and I am trying to do some pagination on the data, in which as the user scrolls it loads the appropriate amount of data onto the screen. The problem is I need to figure out how much data I need to buffer

How to get the number of results in this object?

I have an ajax post that turns the JSON that looks like this {"0":{"Project_ID":"1","Project_Name":"TEST 1"...}, "1":{"Project_ID":"1","Project_Name":"TEST...et

Getting the number of rows in a GridPane JavaFX?

I initialized a GridPane through SceneBuilder and inside the controller I want to conditionally add a row to the GridPane. I do not want to store an int for how many rows I initialized, I want to be able to get the number of rows from the GridPane ob

Get the number of cores in Erlang with Linux

i am writing a concurrent program and i need to know the number of cores of the system so then the program will know how many processes to open. Is there command to get this inside Erlang code? Thnx.You can use erlang:system_info(logical_processors_a

to get the number of multivalued fields in solr

In solr i have a multiValued field called animal and it has the values {cat,dog} is it possible to get the number of values inside the multiValued field in solr(in my example 2)?If you want to count the items in a multivalued field use CountFieldValu