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Today's highlighted deal comes via our Online Courses section of Neowin Deals, where you can save 97% off* The Full Stack Programmer Bundle. Develop a complete computer science education with over 13..
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6 code and framework trends you should follow in 2017
For developers, 2016 was a big year, as several programming ecosystems hit major milestones. AngularJS 2 finally arrived, and Node.js moved toward VM neutrality. Developers complained about JavaScrip..
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Amazing Angular2 DOM Tips, Tricks, and Warnings
I’ve been working with Angular2 now since RC0 and I’ve learned quite a few things about Angular2 DOM tips, tricks, and warnings that you’ll want to pay attention to as you get started.
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Angular-2 Module and Route Structures
In simple terms, modules are the basic building blocks of our Angular 2 application, whereas routes provide us with paths to point to specific parts of our application. These are both core to an Angu..
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Testing Components with $onChanges Using angular-stub-changes
My previous post showed how to set up a component’s controller for unit testing using the $componentController service. We also learned that Angular doesn’t trigger the different lifecycle hooks by..
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Angular, React, and Vue: What's Coming in 2017?
2016 has been a tremendous year for JavaScript. A host of new frameworks came to the picture. Some blurred out of existence, a few survived, and a handful became shining stars. If you are up to date ..
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A Taste from Angular Version 4
I’m sure everyone already knows that the next Angular version will be number 4 and the estimated release date is 2017–03–01.
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Starting with module loading
I have been slowly working on rebuilding a web application from ASP.Net MVC into a SPA application over the last six months. The timescale of this work has been a blessing and a curse.
Rory Primrose 01-17 12:34 稍后阅读
Want Fries With That? McDonalds Suffers AngularJS Sandbox Vulnerability
A researcher has disclosed that, thanks to a reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability, it is possible to steal and decrypt passwords from McDonald’s users.
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Visualizing Data on the Web With Kendo UI for Angular 2
Recently, I've been very interested in the demographics of the United States. When someone asked me for the population in Ohio, I replied, "Lots of millions? Wait. Siri, what's the population of Ohio..
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Automatically Setting Your Profile Picture In A NativeScript Angular App
It doesn’t just take a good idea when it comes to making a great mobile application. Sometimes it takes a little flair in the user interface department to make a good mobile application into a great..
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Display the weather using Angular 2 and .NET Core Web API
But let’s say you want to do something more interesting (and useful), you want to get some data and show it using .NET Core Web API and Angular 2.
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Trello Calendar Version 2
Recently we have released a new version of our Calendar for Trello. The project started as a learning project for interns at our company but fastly increasing user numbers made the relevance of this ..
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Testing With Angular 2: Some Recipes (Talk and Slides)
I recently wanted to dive deeper into testing Angular applications, in specific on how to write proper unit tests for some common scenarios you might encounter.
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AngularJS Bootstrap Spring – Startup App
This example is an angular js single page application (SPA) with bootstrap for the widgets and styling.
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Starred notes from CodeMash 2017
It’s the start of a new year which means it’sCodeMash season and I’d like to share some highlights from the sessions I attended. 🙂 I also bolded the biggest takeaway from each session.
Code Cadwallader 01-15 23:05 稍后阅读
Angular 2 UI Switch - A Nice, Reusable Component!
This is a great library that I like a lot: angular2-ui-switch. It's a clean toggle switch component reminiscent of old iPhone iOS 7 operating system. Here's a post on how to incorporate this library ..
WoJ - Blog 01-15 20:33 稍后阅读
Angular 2 Lazy Loading with Webpack 2
This article shows how Angular 2 lazy loading can be supported using Webpack 2 for both JIT and AOT builds. The Webpack loader angular-router-loader from Brandon Roberts is used to implement this.
damienbod 01-15 01:50 稍后阅读
Modular MicroSPAs
Warning – this is just an unstructured thesis and a challenge for myself to find a solution for building applications with microSPAs. There is no real substance here, just me brainstorming and recor..
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AngularJS Tutorial: Introduction to End-to-End Testing of AngularJS Applications using Jasm...
In the previous installment of this series() we discussed how to create a simple Hello World application using AngularJS. In this tutorial you will start learning how to streamline the development pr..
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10 Best MEAN Stack Books For Beginners
MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. These four technologies can work in tandem for a full JavaScript stack, the first of its kind in web development.
WhatPixel 01-14 03:45 稍后阅读
Dial A Number Using NativeScript And Angular 2
In this tutorial, we will see how to dial a number using a NativeScript and Angular 2. We will create our app from scratch, we will have a text field that will only accept numbers following it.
pointDeveloper 01-14 00:34 稍后阅读
Using BEM (Block Element Modifier) And Emulated View Encapsulation In Angular 2.4.1
I am not a CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) expert. I know enough to get the job done, usually; but, when it comes to front-end styling the "right" way, I generally have more questions than I have answers..
Ben Nade 01-13 21:38 稍后阅读
Consume OData Restful Services in Angular 2
Today I want to speak about a feature which I think can be of a high importance in the near future, which is OData. And to create discussion, I will consume OData services with the oh so popular tech..
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Optimizing Angular $templateCache preloading with custom bundling in ASP.NET MVC
So, you're working on your Angular + MVC/Web API project, when suddenly you get irritated with your browser caching your views for the last time. That's when it hits you. This is going to happen in p.. 01-13 18:43 稍后阅读
Engineering war stories and lessons learned in 2016
2016 has been a wild ride. The engineering team at Wootric has had our fair share of ups and downs and I thought it would be fun to collect some of our best war stories for posterity. Here is a list ..
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Web frameworks and how to survive them
SUMMARY: Frameworks that help build the web apps of tomorrow must keep up with all powerful new technology there is on offer. At some point your application has to adapt, and that is never a painless..
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Syncing Local PouchDB Data With Remote IBM Cloudant Database In Angular 2.4.1
Last week, I was super excited to figure out how to provision IBM Cloudant / CouchDB databases during an Auth0 login transaction. This allows me to drive a database-per-user architecture on the remot..
Ben Nade 01-12 21:36 稍后阅读
Understanding Security Implications of AngularJs
In this article, we will have a brief overview of security implications of AngularJs which mainly includes basics of AngularJs and inner working of various sandbox escapes for different versions bein..
InfoSec Institute 01-12 21:00 稍后阅读
Server-side Svelte
Most of the time you will probably run your Svelte code client-side, but there are scenarios where you can benefit from server-side Svelte rendering.
Technology Blog 01-12 11:16 稍后阅读