A guide to building Progressive Web Applications with Angular 2+
At the time of writing, the --mobile flag with Angular CLI, which integrates progressive technologies such as offline support into your application, is temporarily disabled. Among other things.
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My favorite Visual Studio code extension for Angular 2 Development
I have been using Visual Studio Code for quite a good amount time and I am loving it as a code editor. Recently I have started using it as my development editor for Angular 2 as it has recommended by..
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Consuming Auth0-Secured Resources In Angular 2.4.1
As I've been preparing to build my first offline-first Angular 2 application with PouchDB, Auth0, and IBM Cloudant (CouchDB as a Service), I can't help but feel uneasy not having a more robust backen..
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Debugging code that call $resource in Angular with a Proxy
In angular you can add REST service using $resource factory, for instance you can create new REST object like this:
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All My Friends Are Superheroes
A few weeks back I created an incredibly practical and not silly at all application that went through your device’s contact list and “fixed” those contacts that didn’t have a proper picture.
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What is Angular?
Every once in a while it’s worth taking a step back and looking at the development world from a beginner’s perspective. Here at Progress, we use Angular a lot. Angular is a fundamental building blo..
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CRUD operations in Ionic2 , To-Do application
Now It is time for Ionic2(Cross Platform Mobile App Using AngularJS and Typescript). If you know angularJS and Typescript then it is your “cup of tea”.
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Angular 2.0 从0到1 (四)
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支持Angular 2的表格控件
前端框架一直这最近几年特别火的一个话题,尤其是Angular 2拥有众多的粉丝。在2016年9月份Angular 2正式发布之后,大量的粉丝的开始投入到了Angular 2的怀抱。当然这其中也包括我。如果你想了解Angular 2.
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Great Angular, ASP.NET Core Starter Templates
This post exists to provide hope. After the somewhat hesitant reaction to last week's webpack post, this post highlights two great Angular and ASP.NET Core starter templates. These starter projects n..
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Ionic 2 Mobile App using Angular 2 and TypeScript Tutorial
Ionic is an open-source front-end SDK framework made for building hybrid mobile apps on cross platforms. Ionic is used for developing hybrid mobile apps using web technologies like HTML 5.
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【震撼来袭】MyEclipse 2017 CI 1正式发布!
MyEclipse 2017 CI 1正式发布。MyEclipse 2017 CI 1是基于Eclipse Neon的第一个版本,通过更新产品的软件集成,新增对Angular 2支持并改进TypeScript等,从而使MyEclipse更加智能。下面一起来看详细更新:
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MobX 与 Angular 1.x
MobX 是个好东西,熟悉 Vue 的同学应该会很亲切,Vue 中有这样一个机制:数据(data)的内容是 observable 的(借助 getter/setter),在组件 render 或计算 computed 的值时,被使用到的 observable 数据会被作为..
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Angular animations
Angular’s animation system lets you build animations that run with the same kind of native performance found in pure CSS animations. You can also tightly integrate your animation logic with the rest..
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Dragons when upgrading from Angular 2.1.x to 2.4.x
The reason why I decided to upgrade to 2.4.x was simple enough. On trying to redirect to a new URL I was getting a rather obscure error message, and no amount of URL fiddling worked to get a redirect..
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Speaking at Technorama in May 2017 on Angular 2, Office Addins and SharePoint Framework Dev...
I'm excited to be in Antwerp, Belgium for the first time presenting May 22-24, 2017 at the **[Techorama](** conference! Techorama is a yearly international technology conference ..
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Get this Full Stack Programmer Bundle for just $39 via Neowin Deals
Today's highlighted deal comes via our Online Courses section of Neowin Deals, where you can save 97% off* The Full Stack Programmer Bundle. Develop a complete computer science education with over 13..
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6 code and framework trends you should follow in 2017
For developers, 2016 was a big year, as several programming ecosystems hit major milestones. AngularJS 2 finally arrived, and Node.js moved toward VM neutrality. Developers complained about JavaScrip..
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Amazing Angular2 DOM Tips, Tricks, and Warnings
I’ve been working with Angular2 now since RC0 and I’ve learned quite a few things about Angular2 DOM tips, tricks, and warnings that you’ll want to pay attention to as you get started.
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Testing Components with $onChanges Using angular-stub-changes
My previous post showed how to set up a component’s controller for unit testing using the $componentController service. We also learned that Angular doesn’t trigger the different lifecycle hooks by..
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Angular, React, and Vue: What's Coming in 2017?
2016 has been a tremendous year for JavaScript. A host of new frameworks came to the picture. Some blurred out of existence, a few survived, and a handful became shining stars. If you are up to date ..
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A Taste from Angular Version 4
I’m sure everyone already knows that the next Angular version will be number 4 and the estimated release date is 2017–03–01.
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注: 光阴似水,人生若梦,又是人间年尾。许久未说过如此矫情而生硬的话- - 如此篇幅实在无法写明白我扭曲的心理,2017望我还能继续迈进!
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使用 D3 和 Angular 实现自定义数据可视化
网络上有许多库可帮助您生成常见的可视化图形类型:线形图、柱形图、饼图等。但有时您需要采用一种新颖的方式来呈现数据,而且您需要自己创建这种新的可视化图形。D3.js(一种灵活的 JavaScript 库,用于对文档执行..
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Starting with module loading
I have been slowly working on rebuilding a web application from ASP.Net MVC into a SPA application over the last six months. The timescale of this work has been a blessing and a curse.
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Angular in Production
In this informal essey I’ll go through a case study of my experience in using Angular (2 and above) in production.
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Want Fries With That? McDonalds Suffers AngularJS Sandbox Vulnerability
A researcher has disclosed that, thanks to a reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability, it is possible to steal and decrypt passwords from McDonald’s users.
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Visualizing Data on the Web With Kendo UI for Angular 2
Recently, I've been very interested in the demographics of the United States. When someone asked me for the population in Ohio, I replied, "Lots of millions? Wait. Siri, what's the population of Ohio..
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