Yoast SEO 4.1: Mobile snippets and German readability
Since mobile traffic has eclipsed desktop traffic, it’s imperative that you optimize your site in any way you can for mobile. One of these improvements is to make your text snippets better for mobil..
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Tell Google What Technical SEO Topic They Should Write About
Gary Illyes from Google posted on Twitter asking webmasters and SEOs "what (technical) topic would you be interested in reading on the Official Google Webmaster Blog?"
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What Is the Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO? by @AndreaMLehr
Chances are you’ve heard about HBO’s latest hit, Westworld. However, for those of you haven’t, here’s a quick refresher (sans spoilers): The series is based on a 1973 film of the same name that f..
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Five proven SEO strategies for retailers to use in 2017
Optimizing your ecommerce site for better rankings should be a top priority for any growth-focused business owner.
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SEO Growth Hacking Techniques to Scale Your Business
In today’s competitive market, it is almost impossible to succeed in digital marketing without having a well-visited website. Online business accounts for a huge chunk of revenue theses days.
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Google On Negative SEO: Keeps Competitors Busy While You Get To Move Forward
We've covered the topic of negative SEO to exhaustion but hey, Google's John Mueller had a nice line about it this morning.
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The Truth About SEO Companies Is About To Be Revealed.
New to SEO? Should polish your knowledge? The Beginner’s Help guide SEO continues to be read over 3 million times and provides comprehensive information you need to get on the path to professional q..
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Mountain Partners appoint Managing Partner for its debut in the Philippines
The Philippines will be the fourth Asian countries with Mountain Partners’ presence after Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia
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My 5 Favorite Things About Being an SEO
When you were a kid, did you have wild dreams about what you wanted to be when you grew up? Mad scientist. Magician. Explorer. Our parents, our teachers, and the world at large gave us a cold taste o..
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The Marriage of Content & Images for Local SEO
When we think of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), we usually focus on online traffic. However, at the Google Performance Summit this past May, the search engine gia..
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SEO: Google Rolls Out Mobile Popup Penalty
Right on schedule, this week Google began rolling out its intrusive mobile popup penalty, aimed at reducing the number of results that take mobile searchers to pages that use large popups or intersti..
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Mobile SEO – Can You Optimize for User Experience and Google at the Same Time
There is no need to prioritize because you have to please both Google and your users, a practice that comes highly recommended. In doing the process, you don’t need to invest in an insane amount of ..
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SearchCap: Google link command, mobile-first index & SEO problems
Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.
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The Right SEO Tactics for E-commerce Content Marketing
Running an e-commerce store is a nerve racking experience. Nothing goes right until you pour in hours of hard work.
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Fetch and Horror: 3 examples of how fetch and render in GSC can reveal big SEO problems
In May 2014, some powerful functionality debuted in the “fetch as Google” feature in Google Search Console —the ability to fetch and render.
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Best SEO Practices to Dominate In 2017
For this roundup post I asked Sujan Patel, Sean Si, Neville Medhora, Ana Hofman, Bill Slawski, Jayson DeMers, Ron Sela and other experts to share their best SEO practices to dominate in 2017.
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Nine crazy predictions for SEO in 2017
It’s January, which means you’ve probably read about 200 expert predictions on the future of SEO in 2017 by now. But if you stick with me, I promise this post won’t be like any of the other SEO pr..
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4 White Hat SEO Techniques to Implement in 2017
As search engine algorithms become smarter on a daily basis, businesses -- both local and enterprise level --must keep clean SEO techniques at the forefront. The days of black hat SEO tactics.
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Moz Updates Their 302 SEO Help Docs Based On Google Feedback
For almost a year (maybe more), Moz and Google have not agreed on how Google handles 302 redirects. Well, after much back and forth, this week, Moz updated their SEO help docs to include the debate a..
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International SEO: It’s Not About YOU by @5le
Most posts on international SEO will delve into the technical differences that you need to put into place to succeed outside of your primary market. And while there are things that need to be done.
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How to Grow A Site from 0 to 10,000+ Visitors Per Month In 2017
Did you know that 81% of blogs NEVER get more than 100 visitors a day?
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Simply the Best: 2016's Top Content from the Moz Blog
Now that we've comfortably settled into the first two weeks of 2017, it's time to revive an annual Moz Blog tradition: the Best of 2016 is here!
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4 Dumb SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Site Penalized
Is your SEO provider about to get you penalized? Hopefully not, but there is a chance it might. It is too easy to put up a website and advertise SEO services without actually knowing what they are do..
Entrepreneur 01-12 04:54 稍后阅读
3 Key SEO Strategies for Hotels and Resorts
More and more travelers are discovering the benefits of direct booking with hotels, making search engine optimization strategies more important than ever for hotel and resort marketing. Our digital m..
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Google SEO: 180fusion Increased Our Traffic 247% in 8 Weeks
Google SEO is no joke. I know that now, but I never paid much attention to search engine optimization until, after four years of being in business the traffic to my website (and my livelihood) began ..
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The flexibility requirement for SEO agencies
“We actually don’t care about conversions; we just want organic traffic growth.” “We’re re-branding and are no longer calling ourselves [insert term].” “We’re launching a new product today.
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Why SEO & lousy content don’t mix
We’ve all heard the saying, “Content is king.” While in some respects this saying is true, in my opinion, this one phrase has done more damage to our industry than anything else.
Marketing Land 01-12 02:15 稍后阅读
5 Best Social Bookmarking Scripts
Social bookmarking sites are simply flourishing. I am sure you must be aware of Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon.
Code Fear 01-11 13:30 稍后阅读
Your Simple 2017 SEO Strategy for Improving Organic Traffic in the New Year
Google has made it clear that the two most important ranking factors are and will continue to be “content” and “links to your website”.
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8 Predictions for SEO in 2017
It's that time again, friends... That time where I grade my 2016 predictions to see whether I've got the clout and foresight to get another shot in 2017. This year is gonna be really close.
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